Redaction Information


  • The information displayed on this website is public information that is widely available, and authorized by statute.
  • For more information please see New Jersey Public Records Act

If you would like for your name to be removed on the public-facing web pages of this site, you can use this page to request that your ownership information be redacted.

Keep in mind that your information will still be accessible from its original source. Since we have no control over entities such as the regional governments, counties and municipalities, we will not be able to remove your information from their public records if you contact us.

We are strong supporters of governmental and corporate responsibility. By providing access to all public property records, our aim is to facilitate searches that are carried out by individuals so that they can access local community information easily and affordably.

Our goal is to help people find this information with ease while keeping within the guidelines of our Terms of Service which explicitly prohibits using the information provided to intimidate or harass.

Redaction Policy reserves the right not to grant redaction of ownership information. This instance may occur because of automated or bulk redaction requests. Once the request is received, it is evaluated within 7 business days.

If your request is deemed as valid, the redaction will take effect on our website within 24 hours of receiving approval. Your information may still remain in search engine results until the caches have been refreshed, even once the ownership information has been redacted.

Requests for redaction that are sent by email cannot be accepted. All requests for redaction that are sent by email will not receive acknowledgement.

In order to submit your redaction request, please fill out the form.

Redaction Request Form

All the fields below need to be filled out completely. The information you provide will be used in order to keep track of your request and to contact you if further clarification is required